Committed to excellence in design and manufacturing


Srii Chakkra Coach with its presence over two decades in Bus and Van body manufacturing is one of the most reputed and proud Bus and Van body builders focused on the design & manufacture of high quality, versatile & cost effective bus and van bodies to its customers. The company was incorporated in the year 1989 with the vision of providing superior grade vehicles to the transport industry and to provide optimum level of satisfaction to our valued customers who rely upon us and have immense trust in our products since decades.

The company has its manufacturing plant located in Karur, Tamilnadu separately for Bus and Van Body Builds and has a man power over 150 staff whose skills span all disciplines of vehicle design, manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, quality assurance and body building. Srii Chakkra Coach is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and approved company and is committed to excellence in design and manufacturing.

Our Philosophy

Since inception the company has been moving towards advancement as in building an even better bus and van by redefining trends in bus and van manufacture, design and safety. The advancement is also looked into the digital and technological aspects before they could trend up the industry. To achieve this, the company has been understood the importance of putting the customer needs, modern equipment, experienced staff and innovative techniques. Our vehicles are built to accommodate customer needs, hence customization at any level of the designing is possible and will be taken care. This attitude has helped us to achieve the measure of success we now enjoy. Our philosophy has always been to provide a high quality service both prior to and after purchase.

Milestone Reached

30 Years of Experience